Install ResourceSpace on CentOS 6

To install ResourceSpace on CentOS 6 the package names differ a bit from the ones listed on the ResourceSpace site. Here is what I installed:

Instead of installing xpdf, on CentOS we will use poppler, which is a fork of xpdf.

To install antiword, perl-Image-ExifTool and ffmpeg we need to configure yum with the RPMForge repo:

Now install them:

Start mysqld and configure it for production:

Connect to MySQL and create a new database:

Get ResourceSpace:

In my case I wanted to serve ResourceSpace from the root of my system so I just moved the resourcespace fodler to where apache serves files from by default, overwriting it:

Edit /etc/php.ini, editing the following:

Start the web server:

Visit your new site in your browser, and enter in all the required info for the database connection. Edit the other settings as required.

Secure the folders now that settings are saved:

Ready to roll.

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